Your Guide to Mesh Fencing

The Construction & Design of Mesh Fencing

Mesh fencing can be confusing for those that may not be familiar with the various different options available. The versatility of mesh fencing is obvious, it is used in a number of projects both industrial and residential, from construction site fencing, dog run fencing, security fencing, pitch fencing and safety fencing for the home and garden. This guide to mesh fencing will aim to provide you with a better insight of what mesh fencing is the right option for the job at hand.

Firstly, there are many variations weld mesh fencing, mesh fencing, wire mesh fencing, paladin fencing, 3D fencing and 2D Fencing. In the Irish fencing market these names often make reference to the type of green perimeter fencing that can be seen around club sports grounds, office buildings and schools. To the untrained eye – this may appear as all the one, however, there are subtle differences noticeable differences. These differences can be separated into distinct categories, construction and design.


Electro galvanised wire mesh and hot dip galvanised mesh are the two most common types of construction used regarding mesh fencing. The Fence panels with electro galvanised wire mesh are constructed of pre-electro galvanised steel wire. This is then placed in a jig then electro welded forming a single panel. Once this process is complete it is then sent to have a finishing coat applied, often powder coating.

Daniel Whelan Engineering’s Fencing division, all mesh fencing supplied is hot dip galvanised mesh fencing. Meaning, the entire mesh fencing panel is hot dipped in molten zinc at 45 °C, forming a protective layer. Upon cooling, these mesh fencing panels ate then sent to have a powder coat applied.

Hot dip galvanised mesh fencing panels carry more expense in manufacturing; however, the end result is a far superior product – manufactured to last. This is the reason Daniel Whelan Engineering’s fencing division only provide and use the hot dip galvanised mesh fencing panels for fencing work throughout Ireland. With our fencing division now supplying mesh fencing across Ireland, we aim to provide constant quality to each customer.


There is also a clear distinction in the design of the mesh fencing panels we provide. This distinction can be classified into 2D and 3D mesh fencing. The image below offers a clear representation of this distinction.

As you can see the 3D Mesh Fencing panel has crimping at intervals along its axis which allow the panel to be manufactured using less materials while still achieving a high level of strength and rigidity. This Mesh fencing is often used in perimeter fencing, security fencing and many other similar applications, it is deemed a cost-effective solution offering a high grade, well manufactured solution in this regard.  Daniel Whelan Engineering’s Fencing division supply 3D Mesh fencing across Ireland ranging with a maximum height of 2430mm and a width of 3006mm. For more information about the 3D mesh fencing we supply click here.

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2D  Mesh Fencing is often referred to as double wire fencing due to having horizontal wires on both sides of the panels. While the 2D / double wire construction does make these panels slightly more expensive there are substantial security and usage benefits. Daniel Whelan Engineering’s Fencing division supply both 8-6-8 and 6-5-6 2D mesh fencing throughout Ireland. The 8-6-8 mesh fencing provide a stronger solution, offering more strength through the design of the mesh panel with a thicker steel wire used in the manufacturing of the mesh fencing panels.


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2D Weld Mesh Construction

For a more detailed overview of the fencing solutions and mesh fencing available from Daniel Whelan Engineering’s Fencing division you can download the fencing brochure here.

All fencing from Daniel Whelan Engineering’s Fencing division has a focus on quality, we provide fencing throughout Ireland with a supply only or supply and fit service available. All fencing from Daniel Whelan Engineering also comes with a ten year warranty, this ensures you can rest easy in the knowledge a quality fencing solution is being provided for whatever the task at hand may be.

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