Manual Tipping Skips

Fabricated in our state of the art workshops by our highly skilled team, the quality and durability is unrivaled, using rolled steel and reinforced joints, we then coat the skip in the highest quality paint finish to give a fully watertight and durable skip, which comes fitted with locking pins to secure to forklifts  for easy usage in a whole range of environments from factories to building sites.

1,250 and 1,750 Steel Tipping Skips Available Now

Ideal for Forklift use, Fork Sleeves are full length for universal fitment.
Manually Operated Tipping Mechanism is safe and easy to use, simply release safety handle then tilt forks forward enabling skip to tip itself, once empty the skip returns back to standard position.
Raised Base Allows for Sideways Operation if required.
Water tight for use with liquid.
Safety chain links the skip to the forklift for safe Operation.
Ideal for use on Farms, Factories, Building Sites, Mills.
Skips come with safety instruction.
Steel Reinforced for use with rubble and building materials.

More than 90 years of Steel Manufacturing Experience gives you the peace of mind that Daniel Whelan Engineering will provide you with the best service at the best price.

All Skips Come Tested, Quality Controlled and Certified, all brand new for 2015 Delivery Available Nationwide at cost

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