The Story of 2018

2018 – A year of Highlights

At the start of the year the Daniel Whelan Engineering Team were centred around one mission which was to maintain and grow our industry leading reputation and new divisions as well as maintaining and developing our belief in the principles of quality and service for our customers. As we close in on another year here at Daniel Whelan Engineering we reflect on some of the highlights of the year as well as the growth and expansion of two of our divisions here at Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd.

As always, the mission for Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd was to at all costs, stick to our belief in the principles of quality and service, these are the principles that define our work and we pride ourselves on providing an excellent, customer and client focused service across all divisions. Alongside this we had our Fencing and Waste Material Handling divisions growing during 2017. These divisions had gained precedence nationwide and with the launch of new products in the waste material division in 2018, it wasn’t long before our products became well regarded.

New products in the waste material handling range gained precedence in a range of industries from construction, equine, food waste management and agriculture. The expansion of industries interested in our products was testament to the constant innovation of the Daniel Whelan Engineering Team. With regard to the Fencing division, we worked closely with some local GAA Club’s as well as clubs nationwide. Of course, in the midst of all this it was great to see local club Mount Leinster Rangers secure success in the County Hurling Championship Final and to see their continued plans for growth.  Our experience and knowledge in the fencing division again shone through with our team always being on hand to advise sports clubs what would work best for their facilities going forward. The growth of these two divisions was a highlight for all the team here at Daniel Whelan Engineering, to see nationwide growth due to innovation and continued belief and adherence to the principles on which the company was founded was testament to the leadership and innovation showcased on a daily basis.


As a company continually growing we were aware of the need to stay abreast with the changing industry landscape and to keep learning as a company. Another highlight for Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd was our participation and certification in the Lean Business Programme in 2018. The programme was developed to help companies increase competitiveness, productivity and develop and nurture a culture within organisations that contributes to these objectives. The course offered excellent insight into challenges that may impede on a company’s ability to remain competitive in different markets, highlighting issues and creating a framework for developing practical solutions. Terry and Steven both presented on the last day of the programme and showcased some of the policies and procedures that have been adapted and developed within Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd. Alongside this we also attended the Business Picnic for Carlow Business, a fantastic evening for networking and hearing success stories from Carlow business and business further afield.


With the planned expansion of our Waste and Material Handling Range we also attended the National Construction Summit for 2018, showcasing our product range alongside our companies capabilities in all other divisions. Given our recent expansion nationwide – it was great to attend the summit and meet some of our customers both new and old and also offered Daniel Whelan Engineering Work’s Ltd the chance to showcase our growing product and service range in particular our Waste and Material Handling Products and our Fencing Services. Our Waste and Material Handling product range alongside some of our previous work done regarding Fencing generated huge interest on the day and again this is down to our continued belief in the principles of quality and service in everything we do.

The stand out moment for 2018 for Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd came in the Carlow Business Awards for 2018. As a company we have always centred our work on quality, service and innovation and this year we were recognised by our clients and other local business for doing so. In early September we were notified we had been nominated for two awards in this years event. Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd were nominated for the Innovation Award as well as the Carlow Business of the year for 2018. To be nominated for two such awards was again testament to the work and belief in the principles of quality and service as well as the leadership and innovation of our team. On the night we received the Innovation Award for 2018, a fantastic achievement for Daniel Whelan Engineering as a company to be in the same category as so many established and expanding business was a great achievement and to take home the award on the night was beyond our own imaginations.

It may only be the start of December, but what’s next for Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd? This year had been a landmark year for the company and our plan is to continue and grow across all divisions in 2019. We have a team of innovative and dedicated staff working towards one shared goal, so one thing we know for certain for 2019 is that our belief in the principles of quality and service that has brought clients peace of mind and confidence in our work will remain and grow stronger within the company. A new year brings new challenges and new opportunities, given the success and growth in 2018 – Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd as a company are excited for whats to come.

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