The Importance of Quality Mesh Fencing

Quality is one of the most important aspects with regard to fencing. Mesh fencing is used in a wide range of settings from sports clubs to construction sites and industrial buildings. Having worked on a range of projects where we have installed mesh fencing on a number of facilities throughout Ireland, we understand the role quality plays in the decision making process.

Daniel Whelan Engineering’s Fencing division offer a range of mesh fencing;

Our experience and knowledge with regard to projects that require fencing ensures we can advise of the best option to suit the needs of a client, from construction to sports clubs. With this experience we have learned that a major concern for clients is quality and that’s why we provide a ten year guarantee on all mesh fencing from Daniel Whelan Engineering.

Mesh fencing can be erected for a number of reasons, it can be to provide security to a children’s play area, add to the aesthetics of a development or to give your GAA or soccer club a more professional aesthetic. Regardless of the job in question, quality will be at the heart of any decision made. Here at Daniel Whelan Engineering, we have a commitment to quality within our fencing division, having worked with some of Ireland’s largest contractors, sporting agencies and clubs – we know how important quality is with regard to fencing.

Quality in Design

Daniel Whelan Engineering’s Fencing division, all fencing supplied is hot dip galvanised  fencing. Meaning, the entire  fencing panel is hot dipped in molten zinc at 45 °C, forming a protective layer. Upon cooling, these  fencing panels ate then sent to have a powder coat applied. Hot dip galvanised  fencing panels carry more expense in manufacturing; however, the result is a far superior product – manufactured to last. This is the reason Daniel Whelan Engineering’s fencing division only provide and use the hot dip galvanised  fencing panels for fencing work throughout Ireland. With our fencing division now supplying  fencing across Ireland, we aim to provide constant quality to each customer.


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