The Benefits of Sports Ground Fencing

Why Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd?

Sports Ground Fencing has become a feature of many GAA and soccer clubs throughout Ireland. Here at Daniel Whelan Engineering we have installed sports ground fencing to a host of clubs nationwide and have the expertise and experience to advise on what may work best for a club. Having worked closely with these clubs we understand the importance of such a project for a club, we know the extent of the work done behind the scenes in clubs to help gather momentum for these projects to be undertake and completed.  At Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd, we believe in quality in everything we do, we offer a supply and fit service to sports clubs nationwide with an emphasis on quality.

What are the benefits of sports ground fencing?

GAA and Soccer clubs throughout Ireland take pride in their club, the history of the club, the supporters, the committee, the players and the facilities. Sports ground fencing has a range of benefits for soccer and GAA clubs, the least of which is the overall aesthetics of your club. It provides a more aesthetically pleasing experience for spectators when attending games, training or events in the club. Besides the aesthetically pleasing element sports ground fencing can bring to a club, it also gives your club a more professional look.

Another aspect constantly noted by Clubs we have worked with in the past is the added security sports ground fencing brings to their club. With a host of teams ranging in age alongside large Numbers in attendance for games and events, this is a benefits that is constantly reiterated by GAA and soccer clubs we have worked with previously.

Our experience and tenure in the industry means your club can rest assured work will be completed to the highest quality. Here at Daniel Whelan Engineering our goal is to work with you and make this project straight forward. In all work carried out we remain dedicated to the principles of quality and service and this dedication extends to catering for our customers needs both in the planning and of course execution phases of a project.

Fencing Options

These fencing solutions are available with a variety of mesh types, high level netting, supporting posts alongside a wide range of associated extras.


The MUGA systems are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, with each MUGA finished to the highest standard ensuring they are suited for areas where there will be high impact situations. These pitches can incorporate facilities for a wide range of sports and activities from soccer, basketball and tennis to volleyball and netball.

Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd sports rebound fencing is manufactured using 6mm vertical and 2 number 8mm horizontal wires welded at each intersection to create a strong and durable panel. The bottom 1200mm consists of additional wires which gives apertures of 50 x 60mm with the remaining panel above the rebound section of 50 x 200mm. The closer wire centres on the lower panel allows for a more rigid and robust surface, helping the ball to rebound back onto the court. The rebound twin wire panels supplied by Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd excel in both stability and durability due to the highest quality of materials being used. Our panels are easy to install with various post systems and ball stop netting. These fencing panels are extremely vandal proof, aesthetically pleasing and ideal for use in schools and urban sports grounds.


The spectator mesh fencing comes with a double horizontal welded system that ensures they are typically suited for football pitches, GAA pitches, schools, ball courts as well as all types of sporting and recreational areas. The pitch spectator mesh fencing from Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd can be supplied in the standard 3D 5mm weld mesh fencing, 2D 6/5/6 weld mesh fencing or 2D 8/6/8 weld mesh fencing with a typical height of 10.m with an aperture of 200 x 50mm. The addition of top rail ensures that this system will provide spectator comfort and safety for years to come.


The pitch surround mesh fencing comes with our 2D 868 double horizontal mesh panels with an option of extended height with the aid of ball stop netting. This ensures they are suited for areas where there will be high impact situations.  Daniel Whelan Engineering Works specialise in a range of sports ground fencing solutions;

  • Pitch surround fencing
  • Ball court fencing
  • Ball stop fencing
  • Ball stop netting
  • GAA ball stop netting
  • Pitch dividers
  • Recessed goal areas
  • basketball hoop/backboards

Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd have become specialists in Fencing solutions for Sports grounds. We offer both supply only and supply and fit options nationwide. As a company we are dedicated to our belief in the principles of quality and service and our standard of work from materials used to service received will reflect our belief in these principles.

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