Security Fencing for Construction

Security Fencing

Daniel Whelan Engineering’s Fencing division has a range of fencing services, from our Sports Ground Fencing including spectator railing, MUGA facilities and rebound sports rebound fencing. We also supply security fencing to a number of sites across Ireland. Site security fencing is an important aspect for any project as setting up site fencing ensures the perimeter of the development is guarded.

The benefits of security fencing

Site security fencing has become a staple of all construction projects ongoing in Ireland. Security Fencing or perimeter fencing has a range of benefits including;

  • Prevents vandalism and theft from site which can often be of high value equipment
  • The installation of site fencing can also help a site establish where the site may be exposed to intruders or vandals.
  • Perimeter fencing ensures visitors you conform to security, both the security of the team working and those who may visit.
  • Your site fencing is one of the first things that visitors see when they arrive at your premises. And with the proper fencing product finish, your security fencing will look as good as it performs.

Ireland’s security fencing specialist’s

For more information regarding our security fencing just click here. Daniel Whelan Engineering’s Fencing division was able to supply mesh fencing around this compound to ensure the safety from vandalism and theft.

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All fencing from Daniel Whelan Engineering’s fencing division comes with a ten year warranty, providing peace of mind that you are being provided with a quality fencing solution engineered to stand the test of time. You can get in touch with a member of the sales team on 059-9773178, call today to discuss any requirements you may have for site security fencing.


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