Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd and the Lean Business Programme

Daniel Whelan Engineering Works ltd has been proudly based in Carlow since 1928. In this time the company has gained an extensive knowledge of the industry, best practice and the ability to offer unparalleled insight to all of our clients. As a company we are dedicated to our belief in the principles of quality and service and what we believe is key to our dedication is constantly learning and developing for our customers.

Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd recently completed the Lean Business Programme in association with the Local Enterprise Office and Entellexi. The programme was developed to help companies increase competitiveness, productivity and develop and nurture a culture within organisations that contributes to these objectives.

The course offered excellent insight into challenges that may impede on a company’s ability to remain competitive in different markets, highlighting issues and creating a framework for developing practical solutions. Terry and Steven both presented on the last day of the programme and showcased some of the policies and procedures that have been adapted and developed within Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd.

This year has seen a huge period of transition and growth for Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd, not only with the growth of our Fencing and Waste and Material handling divisions but also with new offices being opened in Cork and Galway. The expansion is testament to our ability to provide expert analysis, a seamless customer experience and mainly – our dedication to the principles of quality and service.

Our nationwide expansion has created excitement, not only with our network of customers and clients but also within the Daniel Whelan Engineering Team. A very busy, yet exciting period of growth and transition for Daniel Whelan Engineering Works has thus far and continues to be complemented by our team’s knowledge, expertise and desire to provide excellent customer experiences Nationwide.

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