Choosing the right skip for your site

Planning skip purchasing for your site

Planning is an essential element of all construction projects and alongside this another constant with planning is waste on construction sites. For this reason, planning ahead and getting the right skip for your construction site’s becomes important. This guide will talk you through the different types of waste and what may best suit your site.

With a huge emphasis on waste management for a lot of large and smaller construction companies, effective planning seems to be the right avenue when we look at aspects of a project, such as being organised and cost effective.


When we talk about being organised it can mean having skips at the right time and with Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd, lead time is not an issue. Our full skip range is available for delivery to site immediately. Alongside being organised its’ also crucial to research what skip size will best suit the project as having a skip too small will result in issues on site and having a skip too large may be seen as a waste of resources.

Waste Types

One of the first things to look at is the waste types that will be produced on site. For example there is general waste both compactable and non-compactable, inert material such as concrete and soils. Alongside these waste materials there is also plastics, plasterboard and paper which has to be accounted for. The waste material produced can dictate what type of skip you need on site. With Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd all our skips are heavy duty and made to stand the test of time, meaning you negate the need to constantly replenish your stock of skips between sites allowing you to concentrate on the job in hand.

Waste Differentiation

Another aspect to take into consideration is waste differentiation  will the waste be differentiated on site. This is something you occasionally see on site and something we recommend to our customer base as it ties into the organisation of a site. Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd use a colour coded differentiating technique for a lot of our customers meaning the waste material disposal is both quick and efficient. This can be a good way to keep site waste managed and save time in the process.

Why Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd

When it comes to purchasing skips, compliance is also a factor. All products available from Daniel Whelan Engineering Works Ltd are fully CE Certified, our range consists of forklift tipping skips, direct mount, teleporter and crane rubble skips. Alongside these products we also specialise in plastic and steel mortar bins, block grabs as well as our bespoke bin enclosures which have gained precedence with large contractors in Dublin and Cork working on large scale residential developments. We stay dedicated to the principles of quality and service in every division and our waste material handling range is no different, our products unrivalled durability and quality as well as being fully CE certified.

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