Lamb Creep Feeders

The Lamb Creep Feeder is an award winning product that has become the norm on all sheep farming operations throughout Ireland.

The feeder is designed to be strong and robust for use in agricultural environments.

The Lamb Feeder is easy to manoeuvre and can be used outdoor or indoor. The main feature of the Creep Feeder is that it allows access to the feed by the lambs while at the same time preventing the ewes from feeding. The design of the product allows for the feed which is stored in a central column, to slowly creep to the perimeter of the feeder thus allowing lamb access.

The canopy protects the feed from the rain and offers some shelter for the lambs whilst feeding. The splayed legs on the frame allow for increased stability while the lambs are feeding. The unique design of the frame means that 16 lambs can feed at the same time. Our Creep Feeders incorporate a large lid to allow for easy filling while the hopper allows for a capacity of 50kgs of feed to be loaded at any one time.

The frame itself is galvanised to protect against rust. The canopy and the hopper are manufactured from fully recyclable medium density polyethylene UV stabilized which will never require painting.

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